jeudi 24 septembre 2009

Terrible yellow eyes show !

Back from California with the head full of images! the Terrible Yellow Eyes night at Gallery Nucleus was so perfect, thanks to everyone at Nucleus!

I had a great time in L.A. and so happy to have met such a lovely guys such as Cory & Erin Godbey, Ben Zhu, Wade Buchanan, Richard Pose, Israel Sanchez, Chad Frye, Josh Pruett, Aurian Redson, Eren Blanquet, Jason Caffoe, Kadzu Kibuishi, Brittney Lee, Matt Silver and many others...

Thanks Richard for the awesome trip! See you soon in Paris dude!

Tzippy (Cory Godbey), Moishe (Richard Pose), Emile (Israel Sanchez), and Bernard.

lundi 7 septembre 2009

Lonesome Bones

Seb Mesnard 2009 all rights.

As far as I can remenber I've always loved skeletons. I think it started with the Ray Harryhausen's skeletons scene in Jason and the argonauts, the Disney's "the skeletons dance", and the traditional image of the Death as in "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen" from Terry Gilliam.
But my favorite skeletons and skulls are from JVC Vernon Courtland Johnson with the Ripper logo for Powell Peralta and all his fantastic work for them.

mardi 1 septembre 2009

Nucleus TYE show!

I have the honor of being included in the " Terrible Yellow Eyes" show at Gallery Nucleus!

Thanks Cory!
you are the king of the wild things!