vendredi 31 juillet 2009


Seb Mesnard 2009all rights.

mercredi 29 juillet 2009

Les Frères tromphant

A project with Romain Gadiou, storyteller and friend.
Hope one day soon I will have more time for his adventures!

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mardi 28 juillet 2009

My Pantheon

Maurice Sendak, Edward Gorey, Dr Seuss, Gustaf Tenggren, Chas Addams, Mary Blair, Miroslav Sasek, Eyvind Earle, Mercer Mayer, Tomi Ungerer... Merci!

samedi 25 juillet 2009

V.Von Krolock

Seb Mesnard 2009 all rights.

We love you so

In October 2009 The movie based on Maurice Sendak’s classic story Where The Wild Things Are will hit movie theaters worldwide. The film represents years of work from hundreds of different artists, writers, photographers, musicians, actors, and creators of all degrees. This place has been established to help shed some light on many of the small influences that have converged to make this massive project a reality.

Personal Spike Jonze site "We love you so" is a place to learn about things are great to share with you the things those things helped make. Wild Things indeed… And also probably a lot of other randoms things that catch our eye along the way and I'm so proud to have my Max featured in!

mardi 14 juillet 2009

Melody Fall

For Miss Fontaine, Seb Mesnard 2009 all rights.