lundi 9 novembre 2009

Hey You Guys !

Good news! "Hey You Guys" Charity is back on December 5th and showing GHOSTBUSTERS!!
My friends Israel Sanchez and Richard Pose asked me to be part of this magic project.
Thanks guys!!
It's with a real pleasure!! that I did two illustrations of Neverending story and The Fisher king that will be available soon with others great artists contributions!
So please check out the site and tell everyone you know!!!

Seb Mesnard 2009 all rights.

8 commentaires:

Mukpuddy a dit…

Really dig your work dude! Love your contributions to Terrible Yellow Eyes!

Eren a dit…

Wow, awesome contributions Seb!

flavie fontaine a dit…

tu me feras toujours autant halluciner!!! j'aime j'aime j'aime...

Jack Foster a dit…

Wow! I couldn't get enough of your stuff! Fantastic! I stumbled across TYE and had to check out your blog. Love your style! Seb, you ROCK!

Seb Mesnard a dit…

Thank you, I went on your blog wooah loved it! Great job dude!!

Merci Eren! I saw you Mary Poppins for Hey you guys! mmmm I will bid!!

Ooooh je te retourne le compliment miss

Merci beaucoup!

Aurian a dit…

Great pieces! I'm loving your work and I can't wait to see what you do with Zombies in love!

C. a dit…

Yay! That's such a sweet drawing of Parry. I love The Fisher King and I'm glad somebody chose a Terry Gilliam film. (if we're going for eighties nostalgia, it's Baron Munchausen for me, for sure)

Seb Mesnard a dit…

Thank you Aurian! Wished to have more time to talk with you during the Terrible yellow eyes show... maybe for next time in L.A! or in Paris?

In fact it was normaly 80's nostalgia movie, so i'm wrong! The Fisher King is from 1991 but I tought it was from 80's, I'm getting old! And yes the Baron Munchausen is a pure beauty and it's in 80's!
If you want to do Munchausen for the Hey you guys 2010 you're welcome!!
I'm happy you like my contribution, happy you love Parry!